Need help on mutuals.(IFC)

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May 2, 2004
guys.. i need some help on preparing the mutuals... aarrggghhhh... surely here i know got SAF pple here.. so need all ur advice tat u guys can offer.

i will be preparing mutuals for IFC

a) Firing from Various Positions / Cover
b) Judging Distances

a) so.... from what i know, firing from various positions will be in foxhole position and prone position rite ? how about cover ? wad does it mean ?

b) judging distances ? like in my manual, theres a Direct Method, Clock Ray Method, Finger Breadth Method, are these methods of judging distances ?? coz i dunno which is which, all these are in the target indication sector...

hw ? hope can see some answers by tonight since i am preparing the mutuals now... and i dunno hw to start off...

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