need help in burning cds

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Jun 13, 2003
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using plextor s88tu
nero 5.5
imation cd-r 700MB
the firmware and software have been updated

trying to back up all my files but alot of times when i tried to burn a cd, it tells me errors like Fixation errors then when i scrolled up for some, it tells me Power Calibration error .

i;ve tried many times with the same disc but when i tried with more discs from the stack of blank cd-r it still couldnt work.i only managed to burn data 4 times during which i tried repeatedly using ard 10+ cd-r discs.

some tries failed immediately, showing the errors mentioned abv yet some failed at the last minute, at 99% written.

i dunno wat went wrong as i reinstalled or updated the plextor drivers and the nero write software.

i've used for it for years already but there's been a lull before this and the last time i used it..because now just dump mp3s into my muvo...

but i updated my firmware etc and watever not..


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