Need help for finding places or people who pro in repairing lenses and camera bodies

Hi there~ im new to this forum, i need you guys help to let me know anyone who know how to repair dslr camera bodies and lenses any brands ( sony,canon,nikon,samsung,fujifilm,pentax,sigma,minolta,leica) Sony A550 bodies met some problem due to interior mechanism not working properly, my tamron 17-50mm got fungus in the lens front and back on budget and this is my first time sending my precious to someone to repair. i hope there are people who really know people who is professional in fixing this kind of stuffs. do contact me via sms 84529643 (Deric) Thx in advance. (Urgent)

Jan 8, 2005
Check it out at De Camera Consultant, Grand Link Plaza beside City Plaza. Call Mr Philip Tay at 67426383 before you send yr equipments. Cheers.


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Nov 28, 2005
Have you even bothered to try a search? Sooooo many threads like yours... And then you still expect people to sms you? Are we your concierge service??

For your A550, bring it to the SSC. There's the camerahospital, there's fatigue, etc etc etc.

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