Need Help! Conversion of pre-AI lens

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Jul 5, 2004
Central Singapore
Need some help.

Have managed to borrow 2 pre-AI lenses from a relative.

1. Nikkor-S Auto 50mm/1.4
2. Nikkor-P Auto 105mm/2.5

Read that mounting these lenses on my current Nikon F801s will damage the camera.

Will like to know if its possible to convert these 2 lenses in Singapore so that they can work on my F801s. And where to do it?

Thanks! Really need some advice on this....


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Mar 11, 2002
Hong Kong
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There are three ways to do a conversion:

1. Go to Nikon Singapore and purchase the original Ai ring for these two lenses (if they wan to sell it off the shelf to you).

2. Go to a small camera repair shop in the Katong area, I forogt the shopping center name but it is visible from the (I think) Paya Lebar MRT station and is located opposite the Lion City Hotel. It is the station nearest to the entrance of the Malay Village. He might have the two Ai rings you need, just give him the serial numbers of the lenses. He needs to know the serial numbers as the lenses has sometimes been chnaged internally.

3. If you don't mind, or if you are unable to find the correct Ai rings, you can file away part of the outside rim of the aperture ring. But you need to find another lens with the same aperture to know which are exactly to file away. For different apertures you need to file away a different length of the rim...or send it to Camix, groundfloor Peninsula Hotel shopping center (same building as the Camera Workshop), opposite he coffeeshop inside.

Good luck!
Hong Sien

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