Need guidance with Interior photography


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Dec 24, 2009
Hi guys,

I am helping my friend shoot his new salon. Its a 20 by 15 feet with another 6 by 5 feet cubicals. All filled with the usual salon chairs. Furniture is black and chrome. The entire salon is painted dark maroon. The salon has small focus lights. Not very well light i should say.
D200 SB800 Tripod Umbrella (opaque silver)
18 - 70mm variable aperture lens.
I thought of hiring an ultra wide angle lens say 12 or 14 to 24mm.
Am planning to shoot long exposure on tripod to compensate for the lighting.

I need guidance in
- What sort of wide angle lens should i rent? and should be a fast lens?
- Do i need to hire any other lighting equipment like a softbox battery pack light etc.? If yes what sort of light should suit a dark walled outlet.

Thanks guys


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