Need Advices: Want to Upgrade my Panasonic GF1 to a better Micro four-thirds Camera

Nov 12, 2009
Hi all,

We have a Panasonic GF1 since it first launched (back in 2009). We are now thinking of buying a new camera (for higher resolution for printing, and better specs) and since we do not wish to waste the two lens that we already have (1 kit lens and 1 zoom lens), we are planning to buy another Micro four-thirds camera.

We were quite pleased with our GF1 so are thinking of sticking with Panasonic (open to other brands too as long as the lens can be re-used). We are also trying to avoid clunky DSLRs so the smaller size of micro four-thirds cameras is still our preference.

We enjoy travelling and taking photos of landscapes and portraits (wife, 6yo son and myself). We upload our photos on our blogs and also print them out in photobooks, canvas etc.

In a nutshell,

What we like about GF1: small size, user friendly
What we don't like about GF1: number of megapixels too low, indoor photos not well taken, quality of photos seem to have degraded compared to what we taken initially when camera was new, AF often focus the wrong object (e.g. rock instead of face)

Recommendations and advices will be much appreciated!

Thank you! :)

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Jun 16, 2007
Can consider either one of these Panasonic GX7, Olympus EP5, EM5 or EM10.


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Aug 20, 2010
If u r strictly sticking to Panasonic , get the GM1.

Ticks all your boxes for being small ,light and since it houses the GX7 sensor , IQ can't go too wrong.

I will rather u skip all the GF2,3,4,5,6 and just do a GM1.

If u r more open minded , getting the Oly EM10 will tick all your boxes and do more since it has in body IS , a built in EVF and more that the GM1 lacks.

Nov 12, 2009
Thanks for all the recommendations! I am reading their specs and reviews now! :)

For Panasonic, may I know how does G6 fare, compared with GM1 and GX7?


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Jul 20, 2007
Bukit Batok
Either one you will find IQ (dynamic range, sharpness and hi ISO) is more than capable from your GF1 - but between them IQ it's really hard to differentiate. It's more of ergo vs form vs size. GX7 has image stabiliser in body, so it would be a good consideration if you intend to get some olympus tele prime lenses. So it's still best to have a feel of all in your hands and your wife which is most suitable, the number of configurable buttons etc.

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