Need Advice to Choose Digital Camera

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May 24, 2003
Hi All,
I have been thinking of getting a digital camera with super Zoom that uses CF card as storage, so I conclude to the following:
Nikon 5700
Minolta A1
Sony 828
Fuji 7000

From the above list which will you get?

If I'm not wrong, except for 828, the rest don't have any AF Assist Light, so will the rest have problem in AF during low light condition? Even with external Flash mounted they also can't use the AF Assist Light built in to the flash right?

Heard that 5700 can make full use of an external flash even when a DX version is use. But what is the functions that it can't use? Will the rest of the camera in the list have the same problem?

Lastly, can help me list some of the pro and con you know about these cameras?

Thanks you and happy new year!

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