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Adam Goi

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Heh ... just joined the family; should have done that a long time ago.

Anyway, I'm trying to get a wireless headset and looking at Sony's, they are offering S$62 (their official SRP) to S$70+ if bundled with the games which I don't fancy.

Are there better options which fall in this price range? At the same time, can recommend other titles too? I'm more into RPG and games which do not involve too many complicated 'pressed many buttons combos' ... at the moment, I can only think of Guitar Hero 5 ...


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Feb 15, 2009
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I suggest that you logon to PSN and download the games demo and try out first. Some may be nice but not all. :)

As for the headphones, I'm not that sure since I connect the PS3 to my LCD via HDMI and to my 7.1 Gigaworks (works in 5.1 only) via Coaxial.


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Sep 14, 2005
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Adam, a few must-trys that are big on strategy/planning and don't require cirque-du-solei type button pressing:

  • Assassins Creed (Part 2 coming out in Nov 09)
  • Valkyrie Chronicles (a hardcore boardgamer friend of mine is glued to it for weeks!)
  • Resistance 2 (not an RPG, but every PS3 owner should have one!)

Enjoy! ;)


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Jan 3, 2008
Create many user accounts using different country addresses. Asia's PS store really sucks. There are lots of free demos in US store.

Adam, the Sony headset is simply a bluetooth earpiece. You can use any bluetooth handsfree set for mobile phones from any manufacturer. Just need to sync with the PS3 under settings and bluetooth. does not have to be a special one!

anyways, download PS3 Media Server and install on your PC to be able to stream movies from your PC to your PS3! i find it to be one of the better media servers for the PS3, because it plays mkv files as well. otherwise, you can also try TVersity for a more polished UI, and ability to stream podcasts and youtube.

as for games, most PS3 games are first-person shooters. titles like Resistance, Resistance 2, and Killzone2 (my fave) are great. you can also try searching for PS3 reviews and short videos. otherwise, download the demos to try before you buy.

like what KY1977 mentioned, sign up for multiple accounts under different countries. US store has lots of demos, HK store has a special m\edia section that lets you download blueray tv shows for free, as well as HK popstar concert trailers. quite interesting.

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