Nature Photography Talks @ Singapore Arts Museum

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Talks at SAM: 1, 2
Time: 2-5pm

Venue: Singpore Art Museum Auditorium

Talk 1: Introduction to Nature Photography

Basic concepts and tips required for nature photography will be presented. The equipment required and the different styles of nature photography will also be discussed.

Speaker: FONG Chee Wai, President of NPS(S)
Chee Wai had been photographing nature for about 4 years. He was the first prize winner in the Sungei Buloh 10th Anniversary Celebrations Photo Contest (2003) and second prize winner of the Amateur category in the WE magazine "Wildlife in Asia" photo contest 2003. His entries were also exhibited in the Royal Photographic Society (UK) Annual Exhibition 2001/2002. He had given talks to the National University of Singapore and exhibited his prints at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and Changi International Airport.

Talk 2: Composing a photographic Image

Modern cameras and sophisticated electronic applications can give you the right exposure for your images. Software such as Photoshop can later enhance the captured image. One aspect of photography that gadgets cannot and will not control is the composition of the photograph. It is this vital element that makes or breaks an image. There are certain rules of composition that have been handed down from artists over many centuries. These apply to photography and will be discussed as well as when to break the rules to obtain stunning images.

Speaker: Graeme Roy GUY, Treasurer of NPS(S)
Graeme had achieved the highest medal in nature photography with the Photographic Society of America Diamond (Nature) award. His images are exhibited around the world and continue to gain numerous awards and medals. He also founded NPS(S) together with a group of enthusiastic young photographers. He recently won the first prize in the "Nature in the City" category of the WE magazine wildlife photo contest 2003.

Talks at SAM: 3, 4
Time: 2-5pm

Venue: Singapore Art Museum Auditorium

Talk 3: Lighting in Nature Photography

Artists paint with brush but photographers paint with light. The angle, intensity and direction of lighting makes a vast difference to the mood and type of images captured. Natural lighting, flash or a combination of both are often used by the photographer to paint his subjects. However, in the wild, the nature photographer unlike the studio photographer is often constrained by the ability to control the lighting. In this talk, the different types of lighting and their effects on the image will be discussed.

Speaker: TAN Boen Hian, Committee Member of NPS(S)
Boen Hian has more than 30 years of experience in photography. He recently concentrates on macro photography of nature subjects. His images were recently featured on the front cover of Photoi magazine, a newly launched local photographic magazine.

Talk 4: Creating mood in Landscape

Good lighting and pleasing composition are crucial in conveying the mood and feeling of landscape images. The proper use of various equipment and accessories is instrumental to the imaging process. The speaker will relate this through his photographic experience in Nepal and other scenic spots round the world.

Speaker: Dennis HO, Vice-President of NPS(S)
Dennis is an experienced nature photographer especially on landscape photography. He conducts workshops on landscape photography for beginner photographers in NPS(S). His prints were exhibited at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

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