Nature Photo Opportunity in Kota Tinggi

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Apr 30, 2003
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This is great opportunity for nature photo enthusiasts to shoot some of the beautiful flora and fauna around the Kota Tinggi Waterfall areas in December. The Waterfall itself will be a beautiful subject in its own right, just make sure your precious camera doesn't drop into the water! ;)

This is a 4 day/3 night camp, from Dec 2-5, 2004. Most meals are included. Cost is S$150 for adult and S$75 for children 3-12 years old. Triple sharing.

You will be put up in a comfortable resort near the waterfall. Transport from Singapore to KT is by coach at S$25 for the round trip, subject to availability. Self drive to Kota Tinggi is possible and easy.

Only limited places available. Please send me PM for more details if you are keen to participate. Or if PM full, please email

Note: This is to piggyback on a church camp I am organising, but you are free to join as a free-and-easy participant, ie, you are not required to join in any of the church related activities if you so chooses. Just remember to show up during meal times. This allows you to take advantage of the excellent rate we got the package.

Also note, this is NOT a guided photo tour. You will need to go around on your own or with your own group. We only provide food and lodge.

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