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Sep 27, 2006
I thought it'd be fun to find out what everyone's favorite Lightroom plug-in is. Now, I'm going to kick it off by giving you a very specific one because saying I love Nik's Color Efex Pro, isn't very specific. Its got a ton filters in it. So I'll take it one step further by saying my official favorite most-used plug-in of the last year is the Brilliance/Warmth filter from Nik's Color Efex. I use it on everything. Seriously, I find the Brilliance part of the filter to work like Vibrance (but just, well, better in most cases) and I like the warming part of it as well. I use it on every single landscape and outdoor photo I have because it just takes the photo that one extra step. Here's a sample:

OK, so that's my favorite plug-in. What's yours? Try to be as specific as possible though. If you love onOne's PhotoFrame, which frame do you end up using the most, or something along those lines. Thanks!

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