My New Tamrac Expedition 4 Backpack

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Dec 23, 2003
West of Singapore
Just got my newly ordered Tamrac Expedition 4 backpack to store my camera gears. Really a solid backpack with very thick paddings but not too heavy. Able to put in my 10D with 28-135mm, 75-300mm, 50mm, 35-80mm and 380EX with no problems at all, together with a water bottle, an umbrella, mobile phone, lens cleaning equipment, CF cards and filters without any problems at all!

I find that it is much better than the LowePro and Crumpler backpacks. The LowePros are not so solidly built, with very thin paddings and straps. The Crumpler, on the other hand, are much heavier, and the main zip is located on the wrong site of the bag.

Can't find a Tamrac dealer in Singapore, so got to order from B&H photo in the US. Paid quite a lot for shipping, but luckily it's all worth it. Very rugged-looking and comes with all the features that I need. I even ordered a separate water bottle holder, which can be fastened to the side of the pack. For those who wants much better camera backpacks, Tamrac is the one you should seriously look into.

I'm not a Tamrac advertiser, it's just my feeling towards this brand. Own a side-carrying camera bag of the same brand for 10 over years, and it has nevre failed me. Still going very stong. No joke!

Tamrac, you're the BEST! :heart:

For those interested, visit for details

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