MY NEIGHBOURHOOD GEMS: My Neighbourhood Gems - Sharing Common Grounds Photo Contest

Oct 9, 2012
King George's Avenue
Join the Sharing Common Grounds online photo contest this Nov!

My Neighbourhood Gems (MNG) is a photography series that brings people with a keen interest in photography together. All year round, photography enthusiasts can look forward to participating in online and onsite photography competitions in different neighbourhoods and at talks and networking events. Participants get to meet and learn from featured personalities, share photos and interact with other like-minded individuals. This month’s photography contest features sharing of common heritage and culture living in Singapore!

Join the contest (6 Nov – 4 Dec 2013) and stand a chance to win attractive cash vouchers worth up to SGD 2,000!

For more information, do visit
For the latest scoops and happenings, check out My Neighbourhood Gems Facebook page now!

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