My Lazy Saturday ...

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Oct 14, 2003
hello guys

i went shooting today... tot it would be a sunny day .. when reach town aiayh overcast all over ... No sun so sad .. so ended up walking with my friend talking bout work and sit down near the tua liu lian.. then sun set took this pic

dont think it will be near to most of u guys pic but hey my virgin attempt (not actually virgin i tried 10 over time to see if the setting is ok.. just say this is a "non-praticeing virgin" shot)

then walk walk to the esplanade... wanted to take some structural pic but was told by the guards cannot take structure shot as not allowed (then how u guys can take?? ) but if art work can so took this shot i call it
Heart to Heart talk

then walked down to the bridge and see this uncle listening to Chen Lei's songs ... so nice .. so took another pic (virgin street candid) and call it ..
Urban Fishing

then walk walk walk to cityhall see tower change to sua ku mode "must take die die must take" ... yes another cliche shot but it is my virgin hehe

then finally as i see so many of u guy got the "shadow" shot i oso must have ... in the sprit of kia su ... so took this of my friend and call this the
Cliche thinker

then go S11 makan then took a cab home ... walk like infantry man here and there so must take the blue 1/2 tonner home

if got comment pls shoot lah ... tips and tricks ... anything helpful for me to next time shoot un-cliche pic that are less boring .. thanks

good night


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Feb 5, 2004
East of SG
Pic 1 - you know, this has to be the favourite spot outside the durians that CS folks takes their CBD niteshot ... almost mandatory! :p
I took one there too, saw the same pic in many of the galleries belonging to the folks here too, everyone recognises a good vantage point when they see one! :)

I like pic#2, nice, would look even better if the sculpture was better lit

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