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My friend's Beamer

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This afternoon my friend popped around to my place to have a pic taken of his car as he keeps this pics for memories..

Obviously this was PSed.....

The car is for sale, cos he wants to get an older one, if anyone is interested.... ;p

Anyway, whats more important at the comments on the pic..
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Jan 9, 2003
East Singapore
hey hi there,

First off... a BMW is more commonly known as a Bimmer. ;p

As for the PS work, hmm... shrugs :dunno: , i prefer more subtle approaches, so I shall not comment on that.

As for the shot itself, some have suggested that cars should be shot at their eye level (headlamps), just like portraits. Use telephoto focal lengths to isolate the car further. This is the classic approach.

Well, thats my 2 cents... =)

Here's a shot of my car, an example of a flat shot. more 2d than anything else. Not a Bimmer, but a V-Dub. :embrass:

Have a great day. ;)

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