My first nite shot using a TRIPOD

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Dec 4, 2004
Eastern Bloc
From a novice... your night shots looks very nice, the bright lights very well captured, especially liked your first shot of the "Durian".

Want to go out and have a try myself, of course after learning what I should do or should not do when taking photographs at night and noted on the tripod tip, thanks.


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I see that you had fun!

Your images looked a little soft to me ... was it windy when you took the pictures (light tripod and setup tend not to do too well against wind). You have a remote shutter release right? Try using it the next time. Or are your images generally soft with this camera model? (Canon DSLRs tend to produce somwhat soft image thus the need to apply Unsharp Mask)

The bottomline is to minimise camera shake as landscape shooting @ night requires longer exposures ...

Still, keeping shooting! ;)

Thanks for all the encouragement guys....

hmm... I am actually using FZ20, with a very old tripod (think around 10 yrs, pass down from my dad.), I don't have a shutter remote, but I use the 2sec timer control. (hope can recieve one for my x'mas present)

I am considering buying a new tripod, as this one I am using is really getting weak.

overall, I really enjoy the process of shooting the photos. Its really fun. Its so exciting to see the photos being playback.

Will go for another nite shoot on x'mas eve. (hopefully by then I have got my new tripod already).

Merry X'mas.

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