My First HDR photo

Jun 20, 2011

1. In which area is critique or feedback to be given?
Composition , Post Processing HDR

2. What were you hoping to achieve with this image?
Clarity with the feel amazement in the architecture.

3. Under what circumstance was the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
Bright and sunny day.

4. Thread-starter's personal thoughts about the image.

My first hdr image, wanted to capture the reflection of the building, and was
trying to produce a clear bright photo.
Made the clouds dark to set some mood


Senior Member
Mar 11, 2004
A very dull "hdr". Did it even require HDR for this scene? It is hard to do "HDR" on an overcast mid-day, it is better to time it in the mornings or evenings where the sun is lower and directional to have more shadows and hence the required dynamic range. Compositionally, the framing is too tight making the buildings look squashed together. Shooting from a greater distance would be preferred.

Here are some photos by fellow members for your reference.

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