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Sep 27, 2006
Lightroom and Photoshop plug-ins are huge these days. Just about every person I run in to uses at least one (if not several). Well, one of my favorites from onOne Software, just got even better. Today they announced their Perfect Photo Suite 9 is available for download. They announced the new version last month at Photoshop World in Vegas, but it’s actually shipping (or downloading) today

So what’s new? I’ll run down the list of my favorite features:
• They’ve really overhauled their Browse module. I’ve spoken many times to the engineers and folks at onOne about how a lot of Lightroom users use something on the front-end to look at their photos quickly (Lightroom is great at a lot of things, but it’s not known for being super-quick for importing/browsing photos). So they totally redid the Browse module in the Photo Suite, to be really fast. But they also let you rate, rank and add keywords there too, so you can pick your favorites while you’re browsing through. Then, if you import to Lightroom, it’ll recognize that info and keep it so you can get to work fast in LR.
• I know it’s listed as one of the last thing’s on their feature list, but I love the new Lens Flare filter. I guess because I’m always shooting in to the sun in my photos, so this helps me enhance the effect, or get it if I’m not able to get that much sun in the photo.
• Selections are huge, and they’ve made it easier to make a selection by putting the tools throughout the suite, not just in the Masking module.
• There’s a new Smart Photos feature that works a lot like Smart Objects in Photoshop. So all of your editing steps are saved with a Smart Photo, so you can make changes to a photo
• I do all of my noise reduction in Lightroom, but if you’re using the suite as a standalone editor, you now have some great noise reduction included.
• There’s lots of other little things like Retina support, and better auto correction adjustments. For the full list, take a look at their blog post.
Here’s a link to their product page where you can find out more and download a free trial. Enjoy!


Mar 16, 2012
Can layer support photo alignment yet? Or it was there in older version.

I was 7.5 user then I switch to LR5 after having problem using their crop module during exporting in LR5, slow and lack of photo management features which are available in 9 now. I contacted the customer support for help, their support was bad based on my experience and ignored my emails without even further support. So they just expect me to accept the bug.

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