my colours suck on cs

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Nov 21, 2004
hey guys need help.

just got my 17" SXGA LCD monitor

the thing is im using photoshop cs and when i view my past works the quality is bad. the colours arent sharp...and my images actually look blotchy like when you set up a new pc without the video card...

the gfx is good when im doing everything else ..the quality only suffers in u know why??.my video card is the same as when i was using a crt...gforce inno3d 5200. 128mb .

now the question is, in cs under mode you can actually select..8bit or 16bit/channels . does this make a diff??

im just trying to match my colours on screen for my printout..(commercial) truly lost..dont know what profile to was easier when i was using my crt as i was used to it so i din need to buy expensive calibrating equipment...but now im really stuck....oh btw i was using photoshop 5.5 b4.... CS - under the view menu it has this proof setup and view thing...what the hell does it do.....*sigh*.......this is so frustrating

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