my black and white series

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Jun 4, 2005
:thumbsup: like all the shots, very nicely taken, got the feeling of the olden days!
Nice sharp features, the 5th pict like it best!:cool:

Pardon my ignorance in photography as i m a super new newbie in photography,
:think: Do u think it will be better if the background of the first 3 pict is not so bright?:dunno:

Can the experts pls help judge my judgement? (I learning how to look at picts)

A millon thanks appericiated!:)


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Dec 27, 2004
Balestier area
The subjects for the whole series are good with good depth of field which I can see you're playing with it but lack details. Frankly speaking I find the high brightness level on the first three shots, pretty glaring. Especially for the third one. The last two were taken under shade and/or indoor, look alright on the composition but still lack of brightness and detials which make the whole appearances look flat. Overall the series doesn't have the consistency in tones, if you are to base on the Zone System.

The DOF on the first image is good but not so outstanding on the main subject. The strong highlight on the background in the second image is distracting - try shooting with yr subject facing the sunlight and you'll be able to capture more detials on its fur, whiskers and most importantly its eyes with great sharpness. :)

On the third image, always avoid such situation i.e. light reflections on the subject's surface as the high key of birghtness can drown and ruin yr whole image which leads to over-exposure. You should consider getting yrself a hand-held lightmeter or if your camera has the TTL metering, meter the highlight area and shaded area, from there you can judge how much the difference of lighting is and adjust yr camera setting for proper exposure. If you are still in doubt, do 3 bracket shots by adjusting the 3 different shutter speed and not on the aperture. At the end results, you can compare which one has the proper exposure.

Same goes to the fourth image, the brush hanging on the window panel lost its detials. Well unless that was the efx you wanted otherwise you could have use a flashlight. Black & White Photography requres lotsa of thinking and analysis before you press that shutter release button. It demands lotsa precision in tones, detials, contrast & brightness. Overall it's fun doing the traditional way of shooting. :)

Hope my comments help. :)

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