My 1st disastrous attempt...

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Mar 5, 2004
Tanah Merah
I took the fireworks on that day too.....was using D70 with f10 and 8 secs at results similar to your first pic...

than later tried f18 with 5 secs.....the exposure was ok from then onwards...

for your cam...think your max aperture is f8 rite....?

so maybe you should try f8 with about 3 secs.....and it should be just nice....


Thing is that my duty schedule don't allow me to do so...(duty-off basis). So I'll be on duty in camp on National Day. Left with onli this coming (8th) which hopefully I won't be activated to do duty. And 15th...NS really restrains my time...

Yup my cam max is f8...ok I'll try when I have the chance. That day I was like the most relax person among everyone who were busy snapping. I was there trying to figure out the proper setting...den fedup set to auto... :( Thus wif the above results lah..


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Jul 28, 2003
learn from mistake my fren.
u now know that it was way overexposed, so bring along a black card.
it can "pause" a long exposure shot.

anyway, not all shots that we (i believe all of us here does) took turn out good, maybe 50% off all shots.

so, for the actual day ndp, wanna shoot together?


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Mar 18, 2004
black card is for multiple fireworks....its something we used on film last we open at smallest aperature (f22) and juz lock the firework come its recorded, when card goes over the lens so tt there is no light burst come....we remove card and the scene is recorded again tt lo....

or agar agar start the exposure/put card over the lens....firework start remove card...firework stop put back card to block out light...

there is no hard and fast rule to taking properly exposed pictures.....a currently setting tt is considered "ideal" may over/under expose for different bursts of fireworks...

wat i suggest is aperature priority...or P mode @ f16 or wateva.....try to keep the timing within 1-3 seconds....fireworks start juz let the shutter fly.....

should get properly exposed photos....

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