MTV Fashionably Loud 2006

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Upcoming fashion show at Ngee Ann City

MTV Fashionably Loud 2006
Event Dates : 23rd Mar 2006 to
23rd Mar 2006
Time of Event : 7.30pm
Venue: : Tent @ Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road
Category : Lifestyle


Mix a style-packed catwalk extravaganza with electrifying live band performances and you’ve got the essence of MTV Fashionably Loud, the perfect match of music and fashion.

Held together with the Singapore Fashion Festival, MTV Fashionably Loud Singapore 2006 will open Asia’s largest style event with a 1 hour fashion show meets rock concert featuring acclaimed UK band Placebo!

Held annually by MTV in US and UK, this event is set to take Asia by storm!

Hope to see u guys there..

Even you got ticket for the tent, doesn't mean can always take photo.

I am remembering last year all of the ClubSnap guys lined up outside of the tent for one of the lingerie shows. At the last minute the organisers decided not to let the cameras in.. they were quite nervous :sweat:

I only got in because of my small PnS and even then the security was watching like a hawk, so ended up with nothing. Only the cameraphone people got anything. :bsmilie: Xiaxue was in the front row and posted some on her blog (pretty naughty stuff!).

I feel that this Singapore Fashion Festival is only for an elite group of priviledge people who have connections in the fashion industry and perhaps are on the upper class of the social ladder. Normal Singaporean like me would never have a chance to get in the tent. What is the point of a festival if everything is by invite only and limited tickets. What a gimmick!!

Tried to get ticket on-line, but all booked out and half of the events are by invitation only!!

Any comments from you guys?

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