Mr Richard Avedon

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Mar 24, 2004
The Newpaper, 2nd October 2004

Pg 22

- Photographer of celebs dies ast 81 -

He was known for his black and white photographs of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin.

He was famous for having redefined fashion photography.

And even at 81 Mr Richard Avedon did not hang up his Rolleiflex.

In fact, he was working on an assignment for New Yorker magazine when he suffered a brain haemorrhage and was admitted to hospital last month.

Yesterday the iconic photographer died at the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

He had been taking pictures for several months acorss the US for a commission titled On Democracy.

Mr Avedon has long been one of the giants of internation photography with his signature stark black and white portraits of models, actors and musicians.

Born in New York in 1923, Mr Avedon dropped out of high school and joined the Merchant Marine where he was put in the photographic section. He was given a Rolleiflex camera as a going-away gift by his father.

Upon his return in 1944, he became a photographer in a department store but within two years was working for Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.

Increasingly, portraits became his main passion and he earned a reputation with his ability to present the personal views and emotions of public figures.

Monroe, Chaplin, Birgitte Bardot, Jean Renoir, President Dwight Eisenhower all posed for Mr Avedon.

In 1957, Hollywood paid tribute to him through the muscial comedy, Funny Face, starring Fred Astaire as a fasion photographer and Audrey Hepburn. - AFP

Displayed was a picture taken by him in 1961 of Caroline Kennedy kissing her baby brother, John F Kennedy Junior.

My deepest symapthy and respects to Mr Richard Avedon.

The world of photography has lost another piece of 'Art' .

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