Motion in Emotion

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Shot this photo quite sometime back, only found it in the trash bin lately...

please comments... if its wrong, it got to be wrong, and please advice if there is anyway to make it right.

Thanks you.



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Feb 11, 2005
In my own opinion, I think this picture will look v good in B&W color. :bsmilie:

incubus said:
shouldnt it be :emotion in motion instead??
Is there anything wrong with motion in emotion??
Ok, to be frank, I never thought of the meaning in the first place, but I just like how it sounds when its read out in a deep tone... "... MOTION in EMOTION..."

Kekeke.... aiyah... anyway, there is no right or wrong... yours sounds great too....
Its only my personal preference...

Thanks for your comments...

Francis Tan.

ortega said:
actually I kinda like it, maybe tone down the face colour and have a sharper eye would be great
Thanks for comments....

Tone down the face color can be done, cos, the color was added in PS using photo filter....

But sharper eye, maybe abit hard, cos the photo was taken with the intention of the motion, and I have shifted the cam too much, therefore did not get the eyes... my focus actually went to the hair behind...

Anyway, thanks for the comments... It reminds me that a good portriat should always be able to feel the subject from the eyes.... kekekeke....

Francis Tan.

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