More macro attempts (oso id help needed)

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ok, since my 50-500mm is in the workshop, I made full use of my 105mm, love this lens, gives sharp macro... here are a few shots... would need help to ID these fellows, me oso no good in identifying what they are, especially the sea coral like insect below...

hey, don't be rude, can't u c that I'm eating??

ok, let me show u a trick, 1 wing up, 1 wing down... now u can c all my colors...

...oh, my leg tastes sssooooo good!!


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Jan 29, 2003
#1 - looks like a malay viscount/malay baron (I think :think:)
#2 - common posy

I got 1 comment, the cropping for the posy is too tight ;)

but still a excellent series :thumbsup: , I like #1


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Nov 26, 2002
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Hey MC, nice butt shots there! :D simonsng is right in his ID. The third insect is a White-handed fly. The white porcupine like insect - I have no idea...could be a mealy bug or something. :dunno:

The 1st butt shot is good, sharp and good exposure, did you prone on the ground to get it? For the Common Posy shots, would prefer if more space is shown around the butt, its cropped too tightly IMO. Also watch the wingtips & ur DOF...they're out of focus.

Good attempts tho...not easy to get near butts and get good shots with a 105mm, but it can be done (with practice). Hope to see more butt shots coming! ;)

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