Montage Photo Workshop 2014 - Making Food Look Good - Food Photography by Rory Daniel


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Jul 19, 2012
Making Food Look Good - Food Photography by Rory Daniel
Montage Photo Festival 2014 Workshop Series

Montage has grown bigger since it first took place in 1999. This year, we have decided to take a step back and look at Montage from the participants' perspective. We want to scrutinise the value of photography and re-examine the meaning of taking photos.

Thus, the theme of Montage 2014 is "Kaleidoscope: The Observation of Beautiful Forms", challenging participants to find the beauty in the everyday, and to take on a different perspective to approach a subject. We encourage the participants to look beyond the literal definitions of Kaleidoscope and explore what it means to observe beautiful forms.

In the workshop series, you would experience first-hand a specific genre of photography through the hands-on session. Learn about the art of food photography from notable food and hospitality photographer, Rory Daniel.

“The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Food is something loved by all, regardless of race or religion. Have ever you wanted to learn how to make a simple dish look better on photograph, be it on a professional camera, or even Instagram? Rory Daniel will be sharing tips and tricks on how to make a simple dish look like the most glorious dish you have ever seen or tasted. The workshop will cover techniques such as the angles and lighting employed by food photographers to make their dishes seem all so much more delicious.

In collaboration with our Sponsor, Cups N Canvas, we would bring to you amazing food, beautiful photos and a plate load of fun!

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