Montage Photo Festival 2015


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Jul 19, 2012
Montage Photo Festival 2015

Montage has grown bigger since inception in 1999. Montage 2015 invites you to participate in our annual photography festival consisting of a competition, 7 workshops, 2 seminars, and an exhibition!

As Singapore celebrates her golden jubilee and recollects the journey over the past 50 years, we too, have decided to bring Montage in line with this historically significant year of our nation.

Thus, the theme of Montage 2015 is "Reminiscence: Moments Today, Memories Tomorrow", walking participants down memory lane as they revisit places of their past, and relive experiences of their youth. We want to challenge participants not only to look back, but also to explore what the present and the future holds for them. The stories captured today, become the cherished memories of tomorrow. We hope to see participants sharing their perspectives of their lives through their lenses.

A series of workshops and seminars have been catered specific to the theme of Montage 2015, featuring professionals of various fields in food, fashion and portraiture, street, architecture, darkroom processing, colour management, wedding, and photojournalism!

Submit your photographs, and join us for the events we have planned for this festival!

We hope to see you around!

For more information Montage 2015, check out our website at
Purchase your tickets at our Montage 2015: Photo Festival PEAtix event page

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