Monitor calibration Advice needed

Hi all, I bought the Spyder4Pro n tried calibrating my LCD with it. However, after calibration, the brightness went so high I'm having difficulty reading from the screen. I'm squinting my eyes just trying to read anything. Not sure if i have done anything wrong.

The spyder was set to calibrate the monitor to 6500k temp, 120 cd/m2 brightness n gamma 2.2

My LG LCD(W2353) settings after calibration are:
Brightness 69
Contrast 50
Gamma 0 (choice of -50, 0, 50) I totally have no idea what this gamma setting means. Can't find any info from LG site or google.

My previous brightness was somewhere along the 30 or below range, n also a lower contrast setting.

Panel factory defaults are
Brightness 100
Contrast 70
Gamma 0

Need seniors' advice on how I can/shld calibrate the monitor so that the brightness will not go too high?

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