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Oct 1, 2011
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Hello all,
Putting out a mass order for people interested in getting Gordy's Camera Straps.

Available colours are here

The straps are made of real leather and are able to withstand 20lbs of weight.

I'll be importing these from The USA and upon ending of this mass order, the straps should arrive within 3 days + 2 weeks (their turnaround time + shipping time)

Pricing including shipping is as follows

Lug and String Mount
Regular - 27 dollars(18USD) +4 =$31
Long - 28 dollars (19USD) +4 = $32
Xtra Long - 30 dollars(20 USD) +4 =$34

Tripod mount pricings are different so do contact me for more Information.

-For Transparency-
In addition to this would be the price of shipping. For up to 25 pieces in total, shipping will cost 13.80USD ($20) for THE WHOLE MASS ORDER which works out to less than a dollar per person.

For more than 25 pieces in total for this mass order, shipping will be free.

If total number of straps exceed 13, we'll have to pay 7% GST for SG customs as the total value of the shipment will exceed 400 SGD.

Hence for ease of calculation, i will charge an additional 4 dollars per person for shipping Under the assumption of this mass order will only result in 5 straps. I will refund the excess upon delivery of the straps when i have accounted for any extra customs charges that may occur.

If interested,
PM me with your
-Phone Number
-Strap mount type
-Colour combination

Payment is via bank transfer and upon successful receipt of payment, i will add you into a whatsapp group. Mods are welcome to join for the sake of transparency.

Final delivery of straps will be done through local mail or meetups. We can discuss more upon receipt of items.
Let me know if there is any additional items you might want to order and we can work Something out.

Mandatory Information
Real name: Kai Feng
Contact: 93219602 (PM me. Let me message you)
Exchange rate: 1USD=1.43SGD
Mass Order closes on 5 Feb 2017


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Mar 6, 2010
I might be interested to get 1-2. I will let u know


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Oct 1, 2011
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Anyone else interested? MO closing soon