Minolta Selects the R&J Group as Advertising Agency of Record

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Jan 16, 2002
Taken from www.photo.net

Ramsey, NJ (April 10, 2002) – Minolta Corporation, Consumer Products Group (CPG) announced today that it has named the R&J Group (R&J) of Parsippany, New Jersey, as its advertising agency of record.
R&J, who has maintained a relationship with Minolta for the past year, will be implementing a national print and on-line advertising campaign to promote Minolta’s full line of digital cameras, including the revolutionary Minolta DiMAGE X. In addition, the agency will be developing campaigns for the company’s line of binoculars and other products.

“We selected R&J because of their extensive experience in the advertising and marketing of both traditional film and digital cameras,” stated Minolta’s Vice President of Marketing, Jon Sienkiewicz. “The timing was right to undertake a new advertising initiative that will support our recently introduced family of market-leading DiMAGE digital cameras. We are confident that these new cameras will enhance Minolta’s position as a technology leader within the marketplace,” added Sienkiewicz.

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