Mini Mori Video and Photo Trees


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Oct 22, 2010
Hello Everyone!

Peek! and Superheadz.Tokyo (the creators of the Digital Harinezumi cameras) are pleased to present MINI MORI VIDEO TREES, a little forest of Digital Harinezumi Movies and Photographs featuring personal photos taken by a diverse group of influential individuals from different creative fields from Singapore.

For this exhibition, Peek! and Superheadz. Tokyo invited individuals and companies whom they admire to photograph things they love and care about to be shared with fellow Singaporeans.

The medium for this work is the tiny Digital Harinezumi camera. The Harinezumi, shaped like a roll of 110 film is a small digital camera that can be used for both photography and videography. As compared to other digital cameras in the market, this small camera has been thought of as an imperfect camera producing images and videos that remind us of photos and videos taken by our grandmother's vintage analogue camera or Super 8. Dreamy and romantic, every photograph evokes something so personal it never fails to capture our hearts and imagination.

There was no limitations to one's artistic creativity. Both Peek! and Superheadz.Tokyo welcome and even encourage artists to take images that are blurred, off-beat, black and white, and of course taken simply off the course!

At the end of the project, Superheadz.Tokyo hopes that the artists and corporate entities will be able to establish a special and personal relationship with the Harinezumi. The camera is as imperfect as we are, hence the personal intimate bond and identification between user and camera.

What is "Mini Mori Video Trees"?

"IMPERFECT AS THEY ARE", which took place in New York in March 2010, was the beginning of a dash. There, artist like Kim Gordon, Agnes B, Harmony Korine, Mark Borthwick, Patrice Leconte and Chan Wook Park showcased with 30 other artists side by side, videos each taken with the Digital Harinezumi 2++.

And the following May, "HARINEZUMI NO MORI" HIT Tokyo with Digital Harinezumi videos gathered from all around the world, dissected then reconstructed to create a vast assembly of visuals. With over 100 monitors, like uncontollable creatures in the woods, a cosmic Forest of videos was given a life. This harmony, between sound and visuals, formed a spiritual musical, SUPERHEADZ-style.

This coming October, "Mini Mori Video and Photo Trees" will be taking place in Singapore, with popular Singaporean artists' videos and photos newly added to the bill, building an improved visual forest. As this project travels the world like a circus, it adjoins the clever talents of each area, altering the Forest. NewYork, Tokyo then Singapore and subsequently in Paris during December. The Forest slowly deepens.


To find out more, please log into:

Dates: 01.10.2010 - 01.11.2010
Time: Tues to Sundays from 11-6pm
Venue: Peek!, 36 Armenian Street, #01-04/#02-04, Singapore 179934
Contact: +65-6884-4844


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May 2, 2005
Guys, Do catch this soon as it ends 1st Nov.
Was there this afternoon and it was a really surreal experience.

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