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I'm a newbie in digital photography. Is the IBM 1GB microdrive robust or reliable to use, since I heard it is a vulnerable to shakes, etc? Better to use CF cards? Do the different brands matter?

Hmmm, if so, I'm thinking of getting a 256MB one. Any recommended place to buy it?

So many questions...but really appreciate it. Thanks!!!

Mar 18, 2002
Been using the IBM MD for the past 5 months on an iPAQ and a digital cam. So far no problem with it, but be warned that it is power hungry. Drained your battery dry in no time.

I noticed that writing to the MD is MUCH slower than to the CF.

Purchased the IBM 340 MB at SGD 200 (2nd hand) and the IBM 1 GB at SGD 550 (new from SLS) in Dec 2001. Checkout for the best deal.

NB: Cant get WinXP to detect it when used with the pcmcia adaptor. No problem with Linux.

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