LR Tips Meet the Neo Smart Pen: A New Way to Draw


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Sep 27, 2006
As an artist who specializes in combining traditional and digital tools, I’m always in search of a better way to create artwork out in the “real” world that I can later edit and rework on the computer. In a previous CreativePro post I explored vector sketching with the iPad. Although the iPad Pro amps up raster drawing considerably, vector drawing isn’t much improved. The iPad still constrains drawings to the size of the tablet surface. Furthermore, the software available to the iPad is still in its infancy compared to using Wacom tablet connected to Illustrator or Photoshop, and all tablets are less tactile than pen or pencil on paper. Lastly, for now anyway, no electronic devices are as discreet, flexible, and responsive as the sketchbooks that I carry along with me wherever I go. But happily, a new variant on technology has entered onto the scene. For the past few months I’ve been testing a workflow that, although imperfect and even a bit frustrating at times, has already changed the way I sketch when I’m out in the world. The Neo SmartPen The Neo SmartPen The Neo SmartPen allows you to bridge the analog and digital worlds by drawing on special paper. The [...]
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