MD to Nikon Mount


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Dec 30, 2008
Hi Guys, I think this might be old but has anyone tried or is currently using MD lenses on their Nikon?
Where in Singapore can I get such adaptors?
Is there anything should I take not of?
Should I get adaptors with glass or no glass?
Thank you


I use MC rokkors on Nikon, currently have the 135 2.8 and 200 3.5, and also had the 35 2.8 previously. they re excellent lenses. almost all the converters you get will have glass inside which is needed for infinity focus. but the glass causes a drop in image quality.

I got my Rokkor lenses converted to use on nikon with infinity focus without a need for an adapter. i find they have better contrast and nicer renditions than the equivalent nikkor lenses.


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