Maxsaver B+W XS-PRO Digital Filters Reviews

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Aug 31, 2009
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B+W TOP Model: B+W XS-PRO Digital Filters Reviews:

1. Using the thinnest ultra-precision grinding optical glass from Schott. As all photograhers know, even the best filter, it is an additional optical components for the lens. The thinner the filter glass, the less effect on the image quality. B+W has created a new highly optical technology in the XS-PRO Series, it has found the best point of balance between the glass thickness and the optical image quality. Not only it becomes the thinnest glass on the market, but also ensuring a perfect parallel to the surface of the filter, which ensure that this series of filters can show clear details of image in the 20 million-pixel DSLR.​

Using the thinnest ultra-precision grinding optical glass from Schott.​

2. Both sides 8-layer Schneider's Proprietary MRC Coating. MRC refers to the unique Multi Resistant Coating developed by Schneider-Kreuznach, which comes as standard on B+W XS-Pro Digital Filters. It provides perfect anti-reflection, brilliant colors and high contrast. Only Schneider lenses and B+W filters are protected by this extremely resistant multi-layer broadband coating (eight layers on both sides). In addition, the scratch-resistant, water- and dirt- repellent outer layer makes it easier to clean the glass surface. Due to its low residual reflection (0.5%) MRC prevents ghosting or double images, which can be caused by return reflections from sensors.

Both sides Schneider's Proprietary MRC Coating, cratch-resistant, water- and dirt- repellent.​

3. Extra-Slim Brass Mount with Front Thread. Extra-Slim Mount Ring that eliminate problems associated with SLR Wide-angle and Telephoto Imaging. The extremely thin design prevents the mounting ring from vignetting in even the widest shots. At 3mm thick it has a front thread for mounting additional accessories such as filters, screw on shades and lens covers. Ring are made of brass to prevent binding with your lens and are matt black to prevent reflections.

4.Retaining ring holds the filter glass in place from the back. Same as the B+W F-PRO product line, the retaining ring is not threaded in from the front, but holds the filter glass in place from the back. it not only to ensure high flatness of installation, but also to obtain the highest sealed degree of the filter, then it can prevent moisture and dust into the middle of the filter and the lens. Another advantage of retaining from back is to prevent the retaining ring from being accidentally loosened during the removal of an additional filter or a lens hood that has been screwed in too tightly.

B+W XS-PRO is not only especially suited for SLRs with wide angle and zoom lenses, but also perfectly suitable for standard lenses with it's rich characteristics.

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