Matsuri@VivoCity Aug 2008

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Aug 24, 2008
Day One - Music Matsuri

• Official Bands & Singers Showcase 2008
Day One - Music Matsuri
(JRock/ Punk/ Pop Rock/ Visual Kei/ Lolita)
Date: 30th Aug 08, Sat
Booth: 11am-8pm
ShowTime: 3pm – 8pm

Note: Time & order of band(s) showcase to be confirmed.

Ana Natasha Path Records (Artiste)
Jack & Rai (Special Guest)
Talents from Ocean Butterfly
Cloud Sef - community band
MERFURY - community band
Lucille - community band


Day Two – Cosplay Matsuri
(Cosplay/Anime/ Games/ Movies)
Date: 31th Aug 08, Sun
Booth: 11am-7pm
ShowTime: 2pm – 7pm

Cosplay AllStars Selection Autumn 2008
Cosplay in character outfit based on Anime, Manga, Games & Movie.
Interested participant(s) pls register by 27th Aug08.
Contestants must report 1hr before contest time.

CosplayAll stars Contest: 4 pm

1st prize (Worth $450):
1)A set of Cosplay costume
2)Product Hamper
3)Stored value card
4)Matsuri limited t-shirt

2nd prize (Worth $350):
1) Sword
2) Product Hamper
3) Stored value card
4) Matsuri limited t-shirt

3rd prize (Worth $250)
1) Soft toys
2) Product Hamper
3) Stored value card
4) Matsuri limited t-shirt

Consolation & Q&A session(s)
totoro keychains x30
Stored value card x10
Makeover vouchers x12
Matsuri limited t-shirt x 4
Note : Each voucher is a makeover voucher and also entitles a 10% discount
on all MUFE products (ONE-time use ONLY)

Prizes Sponsors: Pan-in-the-box, Make Up Forever, Timezone, Otaku house, Caesars

Announcement of winner(s) @ 6.30pm
• Dance Showcase
Street/ Anime related/ Para/ Fusion
Music to be used: Kpop, JPop, Songs/ Sound track from anime/ games
• Others cosplay, anime related shows

Supporting Partners
• 77th Street
• TimeZone
• The Axxis
• SouthWest
• Music Forest
• Path Records
• Pan-In-The-Box
• Attic Gothic
• Mr Cosplay's Otaku House
• Inoue School of Japanese Language & Arts
• Others

Pls pm for:
1) booth rental,
2) performing slots for both days
3) CosplayAllStars contest

Event Promotion start 010808
At Timezone, 77th Street, and others
Do take note for the special event/member/new member sign-up packages!!!

Limited event official apparels package (More than just t-shirt) - booking & purchase by members only (limited 2pcs per member)


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