Master Photographer Association, Far East Convention 2011 Nov 21-23


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Mar 24, 2003

Greetings Professional Photographers of South East Asia,
The MPA is proud to once again bring you our annual Convention right here in sunny Singapore!

This year we will be featuring talks and workshops conducted by three internationally acclaimed and award-winning photographers, focusing on Wedding Photography, Out-Of-the-Box Portrait Photography, and Fashion Photography.
At the same time, we will be conducting the MPA qualification panel, as well as a Far East Photographer of the Year Print Competition! More info regarding this below.

Location: Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore
Date: Nov 21-23 2011
Time (daily): 9.30am to 5.00pm

Key speakers:
Henk van Kooten FMPA,
Skye Tan FMPA,
Desi Fontaine HonFMPA

Seminar Outline:

November 21st – Desi Fontaine seminar:
General Intro – Complete Wedding Slideshow – Live Shoot with Model – Shoot Outdoors with Bride & Groom (different model) – Business of Photography – Equipment – Interactive Question & Answer.

November 22nd – Henk van Kooten seminar:
Introduction – Slideshow Intro – The I and the We – Photographic Concepts – Slideshows Baby/Pregnancy/Teenage/Adults/Photography of Love – Lighting – Posing – Communicating – Marketing & Sales – Poems – The Importance of Being – Old People – Exhibitions – Crazy Faces – IKEA Principle.

*Tuesday night will feature open Associate and Fellowship judging, all delegates being able to watch the Qualifications Judging Panel in action (subject to the permission of the candidate) and to observe the process. Licentiateship judgings will be carried out during the three days after the seminars by appointment.*

November 23rd – Skye Tan’s Full Day Seminar:

Portfolio Presentation – Education & getting into photography – How did the passion for fashion started – The switch to professional status – What is Fashion Photography? Differentiation of Fashion photography from other genre. Trendsetting (history and modern approach/tips on learning Styling/ makeup/ Hair). Models (working with subjects/ tips of how to break the ice and getting emotional response you want). Working with magazine editorial (working with editors/ publishers. required skills and knowledge). Visual vocabulary (understanding current photography/ photography trends and how it affects local practice)
Photoshoot Demo followed by Digital Imaging: Photoshop Technique – ‘How I complete from shoot to finished artwork’.

November 23rd, Evening – Dinner (For all MPA Qualified Members and Seminar Participants):
MPA Far East Dinner and Awards Presentation at Movenpick Hotel, Sentosa
Dinner starts at 7.30pm

More info about the speakers available HERE

The cost of the three-day convention is

S$550/GB£275 for MPA members pre-booking,
S$620/GB£310 for non-members or those paying at the door (not pre-booked).

Tickets for the seminar can be purchased HERE via secure online payment.

Print Competiton:

A print competition will be held with various prizes and trophies. Prints will be accepted from Monday (21st Nov) morning onwards. Win a Gold Oskar and achieve the title Far East Photographer of the Year.


For MPA qualified members only:

* Classical Wedding
* Contemporary Wedding (wedding photography must have been commissioned by the wedding party)
* New – Wedding Art (creative photography illustrating a wedding or bridal theme)
* Classical Portrait
* Contemporary Portrait
* Commercial
* Advertising
* Press & Pr
* Landscape & Travel
* Fashion & Beauty

For Everyone:

* Open Category (open to members and non-members, open subject)

Entry Details
Image size minimum 10×8
Maximum 20×16
Also required JPEG FORMAT file on CD, DVD or USB memory stick.
Cost per print entered S$5

For more info regarding the seminar or the MPA professional Qualifications, do contact:

Ryan Teck Yan Wong FMPA,
+65 976 60226.

William Ng Tong Hng Hon. FMPA,
+65 625 68556.

Matthew Tan FMPA
+65 623 57757.

Triston Yeo FMPA
+65 969 27406.

Skye Tan FMPA
+65 674 33580.

Jim Liaw FMPA (Malaysia)
+60 1651 20119.

See you there!

The Master Photographers Association
MPA Professionals News Website

The flyer for the event:


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Mar 24, 2003
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Mar 24, 2003
Vacancies still available! only 2 more weeks to the event!


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