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Feb 1, 2005
Hi all,

For those interested in food photography, this is somewhat related. There is a 2-day course being held for persons who are interested in Food Styling. This benefits photographers too because it is styling for photography.

Dates: March 13 & 14 2009 (S'pore)
Costs: US$650 per day or US$1200 for 2 days

More details on the site..

The course fees are not typos, it is in US dollars. This is not really for the casual amateur, as skills learnt can be used in the professional industry. Food bloggers, photographers, designers, aspiring food stylists, chefs.. are among the people who attend.

Please refer to the link for more details. The class size is limited due to the interaction and hands-on nature of the program.

I'm not the organizer for this, neither do I benefit in anyway from the above mentioned course.

Cheers guys!

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