Marina Bay


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Nov 4, 2010

IMG_2082 by stinsfire, on Flickr

1. In which area is critique or feedback to be given?
Exposure, sharpness of the photo as well as the reflection on the water

2. What were you hoping to achieve with this image?
slow shutter speed to achieve the glass like effect of the water body and the reflection

3. Under what circumstance was the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
Shot without a tripod but on a ledge instead

4. Thread-starter's personal thoughts about the image?
It seems regular with nothing outstanding, so I hope I get helpful/useful/constructive comments to help me improve

comments and critics are welcome... thanks a lot


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Apr 12, 2010
next time bring a tripod with you. so you can get shots from a different angle.

although this angle's been shot to death, the skies can change.

sharpness is ok...

but composition-wise...... if you intended to show off the reflection, it doesn't really show in this image; it's been cut by the railing. if you want to show reflections, show the entire reflection. cutting it off only causes it to become a distraction.

and your framing's very tight on the right and top.

try this shot again... but with a tripod... and a different angle.

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