Marina Bay Sands


First of all, thanks for visiting this thread. I was amazed by people using black cards to produce correctly exposed night shots. Hence, I decided to give it a try.

The above photo aims to showcase the beauty of Marina Bay Sands at night. A black card was used to cover the central stripe where the construction lights are dense. The brightest part was exposed for 5 seconds while the whole photo was exposed for 25 seconds.

I would like to seek critiques on my use of black card and the exposure of this photo. Critiques on the composition are much welcome, too. Personally I felt it looks ok considering it was my first try, but the brightest parts still looks over exposed. The reflection of the buildings are blurry. I am not sure if this is the consequence of me forgetting to remove the CPL on my lens.

Thanks again for viewing.


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Sep 8, 2004
Not too bad actually, you managed to prevent overblown lights. Just some encouraging comments to keep up the good work ;)

Maybe I'm not used to it, but the water area looks a bit too bright for what is to be reflection.

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