Manfrotto Service Centre?

Mar 22, 2008
Hi all, I've purchased a Manfrotto selfie stick for GoPro this November from a camera shop at Funan and I brought it overseas for my recent vacation- it's my first time using it.

However, it seems like the 'locking' mechanism of the monopod seemed to be damaged/malfunctioned without any tampering or mishandling. Decided to speak to the salesman who sold me this selfie stick and he said that he can't help because there's no warranty for Manfrotto accessories.

Now it seems like the $71 selfie stick had became completely useless as it cannot be 'locked' when not-in-use.

Does anyone here have advises? Are there any Manfrotto service centres in Singapore that I could send in? I don't mind paying a small amount to get the locking mechanism working again, but I find it a pity and completely absurd to deem the selfie stick useless after using it once.

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Dec 29, 2008
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Try Cathay Photo. I believe they are the local distributor

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