Manfrotto 190B or 190 proB?

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Hi Swimcraze.

your Manfrotto 190B must be really old 'coz I don't seem to be able to find the spec for it. Anyway, I am a Manfrotto user myself. I used to face the same problem as you as I own a 055B, which I use mainly for studio work.

If you are considering the 190ProB, why not consider the 190DB (which I know you can get for S$100+ for the body only). The DB is similar to the ProB except that the maximum height is shorter by 4cm. (Load and compact size are similar). I own a 190DB and is extremely happy with it as it is light and conpact. It is great for travel and it allows low camera placement for macro shots.

My best advice is to go down to Peninsular and try out the tripod yourself. Buy if you like the handling and weight.

You can also check the specs of the tripods at

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Hi Swimcraze,

The 190Pro has 2 main advantages over the 190D:

1) 190Pro has a special removable centre column that can be positioned horizontally as a macro arm.

2) The 190Pro uses quick-release, snap-type leg locks that are much faster than the screw type on the 190D.

I used to own the Manfrotto 190 Pro B. It's a very good value for money tripod (~$160), especially if you are doing a lot of macro shots. However, if you are using a heavy head, the combine weight can be quite a burden if you are moving around a lot in the field.

I have upgraded to the 441 Carbon One that has the same loading capacity of the 055 by weighs only 1.6kg. You pay 4 times the price to reduce 300g. The feel of the CF is much better than aluminium. ;)

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