Maintenance of DSLR

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Jan 9, 2008
Hi pple

I understand that DSLR cameras are i would like to know how u guys do maintenance....

and does it need to go for servicing at times....

I thinking of getting a Canon 450D if it comes out..

and would like to know which brand is easier to maintain..

care to recommend ...and teach me how to go about doing things...


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Jan 26, 2005
Pasir Ris, Singapore
For me outer body just clean generally using a soft cloth after every use. If i see dust specks in my pics means the sensor is dirty. So i just go to the cam's menu and select 'clean sensor' and just use my blower to quickly blow into the sensor and turn off the cam.

Basically that's what i do, but remember to store it in a dry cabinet which is very crucial.


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Feb 21, 2005
The most easy way is to get a decent dry cabinet and store your gears inside it.

Also, keep the camera and lens clean. If you tend to have sweaty hands/palms, then do wipe down the parts you come into contact with a damp cloth and drying it off with a clean dry cloth before you put it back into the dry cabinet.

For dust on lenses or camera, use a good quality blower. (Giottos Rocket is a good suggestion)
Smudges or fingerprints could be easily removed using either a good quality cleaning solution, EPA, 100% alcohol and a good cleaning cloth. (microfiber cloths meant for lenses are reccomended)

Sensor dust can be combatted with sensor swipes, blowers or trips down to the local service centre.


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Oct 29, 2005
my room
hmm, actually, i dun even clean my outer body after use.
for lens, sometimes just give it a few blows before putting it back into the dry cab.

been using my dslr for 1 yr, 4.5k+ photos so i dun shoot alot. but its not as troublesome or diff to maintain as u thought.
so far, not much problems with dust in sensor. :) get 1 and enjoy!


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Oct 28, 2005
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I always carry along a face towel, wipe any sweat off my gears while out shooting. When I finish for the day, I will 1st wipe the outer body of the lens, body etc with a clean cloth after I had wash my hands. This step is important to me becos I dont want to transfer any dirt/sweat into the external parts. Then I will clean the lens filter. After all is done, remove lens from body and always put the cap on. I will clean the body 1st, just simple blow clean the sensor and clean the contacts and mount. All the time holding the body facing downwards. Put back body cap. Blow clean the lens and also clean the contacts and mounts. I will only use lens cleaning solution if i cannot remove any stains from the glass with the lens cleaning cloth.

For extreme conditions, like shooting at the beach, I will wipe clean the gears with a clean damp cloth and proced with above procedure. after the shoot, the gears will visit CSC for cleaning.

Putting my gears in dry-cabinets is standard procedure when they are cleaned. I have 2 drycabinets and a "quarantine" dry box. The drybox is at very low humidity to adsorb moisture fast. This is used when my gears are exposed to wet condition like rain. One day in the dry box den transfer back to the normal dry cabinets. Why 2 dry cabinets for me? its becos one (60L) is for seldom used equipments and one (100L) for frequently used equipments.

Acessories are easier to clean. Just wipe flash, cords, cable release etc with damp cloth and air dry. Tripods, just clean with damp cloth unless it had been dipped in water or used near the beach. Tripod will be flash with clean water near the beach itself and when I reach home, it will be dismantled and washed. Fixed back and apply high grade grease on moving parts, just a dab will do.

These are my own procedures and may sounds like a lot of work but it usually take me less than an hour to clean 2 body and 2 lens. (my usual gears in my bag)


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Sep 5, 2007
Are there any charges for bring the equipments to CSC for cleaning?

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