Maha Mela - S'pore Arts Fest events

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Mar 19, 2003
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Maha Mela

Little India will burst into exotic colours and sound as spontaneous raga and thaala improvisations fill us in sonic joy. A 7-hour performance marathon into the night will depict a story from the Mahabarata epic in Kathakali style with visual aplomb.

Maha Mela will transform into a one-stop music destination with exhilarating live music from Nadaka (India/Canada), Evolution which features renowned local musicians, Mohd Noor and Mohd Rafi and Heartbeat Percussion, bringing the party to the people.

The festival site will also feature stalls that serve delicious hot meals with Indian curry and spices. A sensual street feast is laid out for you, so be sure come!

Venue: Open field at Race Course Road/ Northumberland Road (near Little India MRT)
Date : 5 & 6 June
Time : 6pm - 6am
Free admission
another photography opportunity ;)

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