Magnum Photos and IdeasTap are pleased to present "The IdeasTap Photographic Award"


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Jan 5, 2008
Create a photographic essay sharing your vision of 'Future - life after 2012' for a chance to win £7,500, a paid internship with Magnum Photos and a fully-funded trip to New York to create a multimedia essay.

Working in association with Magnum Photos, IdeasTap has created a new and groundbreaking competition which gives young people (aged between 16-30) the opportunity to create and develop a photographic essay under the guidance of experts such as acclaimed Magnum photographers Ian Berry, Mark Power and Stuart Franklin.

The theme of this year’s photographic award is 'Future - life after 2012' and applicants will be directed to take a series of photographs that show a vision of the future after the 2012 Olympic Games. The award will be divided into three categories; photojournalism, environmental photography and conceptual photography.

An incredible selection of prizes has been secured for the award, with benefits for both shortlisted candidates and one overall winner. All shortlisted entrants will receive expert mentoring and professional training, with their photographs printed, framed and exhibited by IdeasTap as well as receiving a book featuring their work. Category winners will be given a budget of £2,500 each to create a dream multi-media photographic essay, and one overall winner will have the opportunity to see their dream project fully realised as a Magnum In Motion multimedia essay.

The IdeasTap Photographic Award opens for submissions on Monday 17th May, and closes on Monday 14th June 2010.

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Aug 20, 2007
2. Entrants living outside the UK are not eligible for The IdeasTap Photgraphic Award.

3. Entrants must have a UK postal address to be eligible.

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