Macromedia Flash 8.0 expert, i can't add audio?

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i can't add audio?
Tried one whole day, the normal flash can work but juz can't figure out how to add an mp3 into the flash document.

Anyone here can help? I juz dunno which button is used to import mp3.

Any flash expert around?


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Sep 2, 2006
Miss out some steps :)

Go to File/Import/Import to Library... select the mp3 and click Ok
The mp3 will appear in your library.

if you want to play the mp3 for the whole duration of the song, do the following:
1> Insert New Layer
2> Insert the end frame depending on the number of frames the song was to be played
3> click on any frame inside this New Layer
4> Under Properties tab, you should see Sound: None in the third column
5> Click the down button and you should see the the mp3 which you had already imported into the library



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Dec 14, 2004
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I presume you're familiar with flash, so I'm gonna use some flash specific terms.
1) each piece of music requires their own timeline.
2) "Event" will play the whole mp3 at a shot when you hit the start of the frame. Usually good only for effects.
3) "Stream" will play the mp3 only for the duration of active frames
4) after selecting a new timeline/layer, you just need to drag the sound from your library to the stage. (Ctrl + L to open library)
5) double click on the music timeline to set volume for the individual channels, to fade in, fade out etc. rudimentary sound editing..

I suggest you set sync to stream, then add only the frames for the amount of music you need. It gives you ultimate control over the flash. otherwise, you may face problems of music playing on and on even after you stopped, or switch to other pieces. If your flash loops, and is shorter than your mp3file, you will find that the flash will start playing multiple copies of the song, i.e. 1 song haven't finish it'll start playing the same song again, so you'll hear 2 songs out of sync.
Fool around with the settings.

If need more help/explanation on Flash, feel free to PM me.

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