macro lenses on DSLR & working dist

which macro lense do u prefer?

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macro lenses on DSLR will it affect the working distance?

example, on a 60mm micro nikon macro,

its working dist is 7cm on SLR,

the same lens on the DSLR with 1.5X factor,

will its working distance become 10cm?

pls advise,

at the same time, for the benefit of accurate advise, may experienced users of DSLR with macro lenses advise,

thank you


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Jan 20, 2002
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It will be the same. The so call 1.6X multiplier is just a lame name given in place of a undersized 35mm Format CCD. Or if you wish to call that an APS format. Everything is still the same as a 35mm SLR except you capture only a smaller angle or area compare to a 35mm format.

There is no such thing as a Full Frame 35mm CCD format. There is only 35mm Format or it isn't, just the smaller APS Format. Don't let the manufacturers trick you with jargons they came out with.

In a nut shell, the 1.6X DSLR are making you paying the money and carrying the weight for the whole piece of lens made for 35mm format, but you only get to use the center of it.

Maybe a better name for the DSLR would be "APS DSLR" for 10D,D100 and "35mm DSLR" for 1Ds :devil:



in a nut shell,

i thank you for your very knowledgable input,

which i would not have acquire on my own,

thanks alot!!!

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