Macro Depth of Field


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Dec 9, 2010
Hi guys. I am new to SLR photograpy and have just gotten the Sony A55 SLT for about 2 months now and have been using it for general photography. Lately, I started to use the Sony macro SAL30M28 30mm lens for some macro shots and i must say it is very difficult to take macro. Somehow i feel that the depth of field is rather narrow even at F22. Hence I got here a couple of queries and hope experienced bros here can enlighten.

1) Compared my 30mm to a 100mm macro lens, which lens has better DOF, i mean if i need more of the frame to be focused rather than blurred. Thinking of getting the 100mm lens instead but the price of 1200++ is rather steep.

2) Is there any Sony or compatible ring flash that can be used on this camera for macro?

3) Is there any good technique of taking flowers, its frustrating when there is a slight breeze while trying to get a good focus of the flower. Should I use a monopod or tripod? I heard that is something like a rail that can be attached to a tripod. Is that good and what is it called?

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