Mac killed my portable HDD. How to restore?

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Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me out here.

A Mac killed my portable HDD. I was transferring some files from the HDD to my friend's mac, and unplugged it after it was done.

Now I can't access the HDD anymore. I get a "Device I/O error" on my Windows laptop.

Is it something about ejecting the HDD from the Mac before unplugging? I didn't do that and now the HDD is screwed.

Lots of important stuff inside, so hope someone here can help!


Yes, there is and the Mac probably had a message concerning removing the device.

If it was formatted as Mac-only, I'd say to connect it to the Mac again and try Disk Utility, First Aid to try to repair it or one of the third party utility packages.

Apparently, it's possible for Disk Utility to do some repairs, so you might try that. I just tried my USB flash drive that is formatted as FAT-32.


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i used a recovery software when this happened to me.

got back 99% of my information. all hidden files like audio art became visible, messy! otherwise spunky software.

think most software can do it, whether you are willing to pay for it. abt $50.

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