M42 lens recommendation, please

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Jul 10, 2008
Hi All,

Seems like my manual lense poison spread. Just bought a M42 adapter to Nikon with Glass element from the *bay and waiting for delivery. This will be use with my D200, but my ultimate dream is to upgrade to full frame with these manual lenses when the skills have improved. LOL.

This M42 adapter has some good recommendation and name "Kood" and wonder if you anyone has tried it yet. If you are keen, do a google and you can find the said recommendation here.

So back to the subject. May I know if you have any decent M42 lens to recommend? I am looking for something more affordable to start with and a short focus lense. Urm... maybe its not too greedy to ask, whats the dream lenses under this category? :D

Thanks in advance for your advise.

Best regards

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